Possible Summer Camping Trip

Message posted by Roadeye on April 03, 2008 at 11:34:06 PST:

Hi People,

I'm planning a return visit to Rachel, GLR area this summer, probably in late July or early August.
Made my first visit in November 2007.
This time however, I'm interested in doing some camping in the area with my teenagers.

I've already checked the FAQ section and haven't found what I'm looking for so I thought I'd post here.

What I'd like to know is where you believe the best spots for tenting are in the area...we'd like to see all of the stars you constantly talk about.
As well, if there is any testing going on at the time, we'd like to be in a position to at least have a shot at seeing or hearing something.

With that in mind...here's what I'd like to know.

Best options for camping...tent...with all of the appropriate gear.

What days would you recomend...Monday to Friday or should we make it a weekend?

Would a scanner help us be aware that a flight test is going on?

And just what are the chances (ballpark) that we could see or hear something...even if it is another type of thing such as a weapons test or exercise or something similar? Do we really have a reasonable chance at all?

Also...while we are in the area....what would you recomend as other places of note to take in...day trips etc.?

Thanks in advance.
You guys are the best.



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