Bob Lazar Connection- Comment Please!

Message posted by Robert on April 03, 2008 at 11:24:42 PST:

It is interesting that Bob Lazar comes up so often in the most critical times and places regarding Area 51. While reading the short bio. by this websites sponsor and mentor, Mr. Norio Hayakawa, Bob Lazar is mentioned many times. I still wonder how Bob Lazar got his info. Mr. Hayakawa admits interviewing him for over 4 hours and Bob Lazar telling him where and when he could see things flying over Area 51. Bob Lazar was correct again. Mr. Hayakawa went where he said and filmed what Bob Lazar told him would be there. My opinion on the whole Bob Lazar aspect of Area 51 is that John Lear(with his incredible aviation background) had connections to pilots at Area 51 at one time and gave Bob Lazar some of his info. How else can you explain the times he has been correct. I find it amazing how this aspect of Area 51 is trashed now a days. I don't know anybody else in the late 80's that could predict when "stuff" could be seen over Groom Lake. Without Bob Lazar there never would have been such an interest in Area 51. He put it back on the map. He is continually shown to be a "liar", but I still have never heard a good explanation about where he got his info! What do some of you think? Not about his credibility but about the parts of story that are absolutely true. How did he know when and where to tell MR. Hayakawa to go? Who first told him? John Lear? or did he work there? Doubt the last, but don't know.


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