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Message posted by NoOne on April 01, 2008 at 2:07:43 PST:

“I was also curious about this spot and checked it out on GE. I don't recall the exact distance from Pine Gap to the nearest airstrip”

About 15km (10mi).

“(I thought it was right at it)”


“but its a relatively small and "primitive" looking runway. I think it was only a few thousand feet long.”

8,000’ primary runway, ILS, fully jet compliant.

“Nothing someone would chance landing a super high performance aircraft by the looks of it.”

Not to mention it’s a public airport.. you know, complete with passenger jets, terminal buildings, parking lots, etc. It’s called Alice Springs Airport. It is, however, where the bi-weekly C-141’s landings happen(ed).

As CU pointed out, Pine Gap is a secret communications facility not an Area 51 like flight test facility. The main complex is only about 500 yards by 300 yards. The entire site wouldn’t be much more than .5mi x .5mi. Probably not big enough for one of the famous disappearing runways (like the one at Papoose Lake) or maybe all those C-141 flights were secretly transporting excavated dirt away from the facility..


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