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Message posted by NoOne on March 30, 2008 at 13:44:28 PST:

“Word is it is a facade above ground with much activity below.”

Well therein lays the problem with your post. There is _NO_ reputable evidence suggesting the above comment is anything but normal ufo, conspiracy theory, conjecture and misinformation. As CU points out the facility is, and has, been under pretty much under constant observation since it was constructed in the ‘70s. Airspace above was only recently changed to “Prohibited” (btw, I believe it is the only prohibited airspace in Australia) and at that the prohibited airspace is only a 2.5nm radius from the centre of the facility! So, just how did all that underground digging happen without it being observed, where did they pile up the dirt, how did they get all of the heavy equipment into the facility without the Alice Springs community seeing it, etc.? Have you ever lived in a small town – not much goes unnoticed and talked about.

There is no doubt that the communications activity conducted at the JDF is very secret and its true nature easily concealed. There has been debate, still in progress, about the nature of the communications activities and whether or not they are in Australia’s best interest, however, a “facade above ground with much activity below” isn’t part of that informed debate.

“There seems to be much disinformation about this places as well - the more you look in to it the stranger & less believable things get.”

Only if one falls into the category of a ufo, conspiracy nut.

“I GUESS I must apologize for commenting on something I only have novice like curiosity over.[] OK once and for all - I'll just view this site & only interject when someone inquires about catering - will that suffice - mate?”

Don’t get your knickers in a twist. Simply pointing out that by repeating unfounded ufo/conspiracy speculation one becomes part of the problem.


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