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Message posted by gary on July 29, 2001 at 12:01:08 PST:

I did some surfing and found the DW-2 you mentioned, which looks similar to the Dw-4, so the F2 should work like the F3 regarding the magnifier-viewfinder. I do recall reading that the F3 was the first Nikon to have the exposure electronics in the camera body versus the viewfinder. I wonder if the F2 will be able to meter with the DW-2 installed?

As a side note, one very very annoying thing about the F3 is using it in the dark. The LCD is illuminated only if you push a tiny button on the camera. On mine, it takes quite a bit of pressure, enough to disturb the aim of the telescope. My solution is to just illuminate the lcd winder with a maglight, which you need anyway if you are working in the dark.

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