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Message posted by Don on March 25, 2008 at 18:54:24 PST:

NO!! The issue here is you trying to organize a coordinated effort among members to press the limits of what is comfortable and what is questionable activity. Obviously a coordinated act is an effort of several persons to achieve a common goal and in this case, "To see and tell of new aircraft" which lends into a group effort to discover and uncover important projects that may be of National Security Importance. I'd say that qualifies as a terrorist cell act according to the Patriot Act. Thus subjecting all participants to an investigation and probably quick trip to camp x-ray. Outside the permitter activity can be included as questionable activity according to the Patriot Act and subject to investigation.
Best to leave the distance watchers at a distance of comfort. No recruitment here!!!!
OBTW they also watch this post.

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