Re: V.L.'s Custer

Message posted by jackethorn on March 25, 2008 at 16:37:48 PST:

The only juvenile poster I see around here is the one who canít participate maturely in an intelligent discussion about an interesting topic without bitching and moaning like an old woman. If you donít like the thread I started, is it to difficult to just scroll on by rather than inject this BS you just spewed? It is jerks such as yourself who squash new ideas and interesting discussions because your own self esteem is so low that you feel you must belittle and intimidate someone else in order to feel better about yourself. You make people afraid to come out and say or ask about what is on their mind, which often fosters discussion that generates new ideas, because people donít want to be called juvenile names and made to feel like they said something wrong or stupid. I guess the board can just sit quiet with half the activity because no one wants to offend your sweet sensitivities.

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