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Handheld or Base station? "Out there" I take it you mean the desert around the base?

Joerg, has a selection in his Area 51 store. Radio Shack has a few inexpensive models as well, Although if you buy from Joerg or his link it helps to fund this amazing site. I just bought an inexpensive model for home from Radio Shack, you can also mount it in your dash board of the car or boat!

The more bells and whistles, the more money of course. If you don't know much about scanners, you probably don't need the $500 one. You only need one able to receive Mil Air frequencies 225 - 399 MHz. You're going to come across a lot that don't and a lot geared for the NASCAR bunch. One thing I will say is buy as much as you can afford so you don't spend $200 and then find out you want Digital Trunking because your local fire department is on it two years from now and your spending another $500!

I'll let someone else get into Trunking who knows what they are talking about!!! I know just enough to get me into trouble! But if you have any more questions, feel free to email me. Do you live in Las Vegas?

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