Has anyone considered approaching area 51 from the west?

Message posted by jackethorn on March 22, 2008 at 18:53:51 PST:

There seems to be a lot of discussion on here about access to area 51 from Alamo along highway 375 and Groom Lake Road. However, such approaches are going to be monitored and guarded much heavier due to their proximity to public land and highways.
But what about an approach from the west. What would it take to trek west across the Nevada Test Site entering from somewhere between Amargosa Valley and Beatty? There is way too much land there for the guards to monitor nearly as effectively. With a little resources, one could travel low key. Say by horseback and mule in tow. You could disembark from a truck and trailer that would be driven away by a friend so there would be nothing suspicious left on the side of the road. Unlike a four wheeler, a horse would be quiet and would not kick up so much dust. The mule could carry water and supplies. If you are sneaky and risky enough you could get really close, perhaps even walk up to the base itself if dressed like an employee. Your horse and mule would likely kick the bucket along the way and I have no idea how you could return home safely, but hey it is an idea for getting there. Perhaps you could take pictures and send them via satelite email then bite the bullet and get arrested for a safe return home after you already won the booty. Has this been tried? Are there too many hazards along the way? This may be a stupid suggestion. I have no idea, which is why I bring it up.


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