Re: V.L.'s Custer

Message posted by jackethorn on March 22, 2008 at 18:32:50 PST:

Who did the interview with Custer? Why has Custer not talked to anyone else? Why isnt there much discussion about him?
As far as guards letting him keep certain things as silvourneers (spelling?), I could see them doing this as long as they did something to it to clearly signify that it is no longer valid for official use. Today not so much, but back in the 70's possibly. I have more of a problem with him somehow still being connected with area 51 activity some 15 or more years after he left. I couldnt tell you anything that was going on in the bomb dumb where I used to work just 5 years after I left it and it is not a top secret facility like area 51.

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