double fenced area south west of Groom Lake

Message posted by jackethorn on March 19, 2008 at 22:55:55 PST:

There is another Dry Lake bed about 50 miles southwest of the Groom Lake facility. I donít know the name of this lake bed, but if you use google map to zoom in the area around the southwest corner of this lake you can clearly see a facility with a double fence and one double gated entry point. I reminds me of a nuclear storage area I used to work at during my years in the Air Force. However, there donít appear to be any storage structures. Instead, there are about 4 square pads. Perhaps they are solar power panels? Based on the shadows, there also appear to be tall poles around the fenced area that would be used to string cables across the area to prevent helicopters from landing. We had those in the nuclear storage facility as well. Does anyone know what this place is and what is does?


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