Re: V-22 Osprey at Area 51 / TTR

Message posted by NoOne on March 19, 2008 at 0:42:51 PST:

Hi Joerg,

Hope you are well.

>I find it interesting that the two "Ravens" seem
>to come from different bases. Raven 91 clearly
>returns to TTR ("Silverbow"), while Raven 92
>checks out earlier to return to "Home Plate", which
>has long been used to refer to Area 51

Maybe Raven 92, returning to Home Plate, has the highly classified stuff on board or has the highly classified configuration where Raven 91, returning to Silverbow, is in a “standard” less classified configuration for some reason. Doesn't really answer what they were/are doing but maybe answers why they come from two different bases.


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