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Message posted by JoeinTX on March 11, 2008 at 21:02:13 PST:

This situation has been in the making and in the news for a while now.

Replacing a "Toyota with a Mercedes" is exactly what we have done with every proceeding major weapon system over the last 50 years.........more expensive, but more capable and game-changing. Today is no different. 2500 F-4s produced for USAF service were replaced by 1300 F-15s over the years. Those 2500 F-4s supplanted several thousand F-86, -80, -84, -102, -89, -94 aircraft before it. 3000 F-106s, F-101s, A-7s, F-100s, and F-105s were replaced by roughly 2000 F-16s through time.

We now have a USAF with around 600 F-15s, 1200 F-16s, 300 A-10s, 170 B-1/2/52, 100 F-22s, and roughly 100 UCAVs. 381 F-22s, 1781 F-35s, and 150 interim bomber platforms is a pretty healthy replacement roadmap (and I support it) short of UCAVs and 2037 bomber plans.

Expensive? YES. Needed? YES. Funded? Not necessarily. Finding a way to do it with the fiscal restraints? Pretty certain but not guaranteed.

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