Message posted by Magoo on July 27, 2001 at 20:13:23 PST:

I don't usually take much credence in what is said on other A51 related websites, however I was a bit disappointed to see 'Sage' on a rival website recently saying not-so-flattering things about this site.

Did anyone else see it, and if so, do we know if it was the REAL 'Sage'? It seemed to be a bit out of character for him, from what I have heard of and spoken to him (which is admittedly, limited to a few emails and chat room events). He has always seemed to have a very open and honest mind, and commands the highest respect from me through his writings and research efforts.

If we have a credibility issue with him, then perhaps we need to discover exactly what his concerns are and try to address them. I know one of his concerns was that people who don't live in the area seem to comment too much on this site. Well, I'm about as far from the 'area' as one can get and still be on the same planet, so this obviously concerns me in return!

Does anyone else have any comments?



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