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Message posted by JoeinTX on March 10, 2008 at 22:41:35 PST:

Okay, I full well know that I'm going to be "stepping on some toes" here and that I'm a newby to this site, but:

-At first, it looks like we're viewing a cloud formation as it forms and dissipates and reforms.

-The two "delta" aircraft sure do look like very much like F-111s. They were still in service as of the time of the video's reported making. The Panavia Tornado is not far off, but, the time is not necessarily right for them to be over New Mexico during those years although in later times it would be.

-The last, grainy, pics could just as well show an F-117 at angle as any new aircraft.

The "TR-3" as named has yet to emerge while various "Tier" systems have.....Tier 1, 2, and unmanned systems. The TR-3 was supposed to be a manned recon/targetting "buddy" aircraft for the F-117 but any indication of its existence is zero. Surely, a manned stealth aircraft operating in 1990 (almost 20 years ago) built with 1970s/80s tech would have been revealed by now....? Tacit Blue.....B-O-P.....super stealthy missile...all revealed from that timeframe. But not the subsonic, 70s/80s era-tech "TR-3?"

Does it do more than targetting for the F-117? Is it's stealthy abilities dramatically greater? Is a stealth, manned, high-altitude, high-endurance aircraft in existence.........all in the face of competing funding for an aircraft like the Global Hawk?

The Global Hawk tells no tales and seems perfect for the "black" world. Range, endurance, wins the day.

I must respect Steven Douglass for many things, but, these three instances aren't among them necessarily. He captured things on video that resultingly later audiences can explain. The U-foria of 1992 propelled much of it. The things slowly released from the media about A-51 will be interesting but not Earth-shattering and Douglass is a nice observer.

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