Re: History of the IAF at Groom or TTR?

Message posted by Alex (UK) on March 06, 2008 at 14:00:15 PST:

No problem man :D its a fascinating area, documentation and evidence regarding the handing over of soviet types to the USAF might be scarce but it will be around somewhere, id guess that most IAF captured soviet aircraft, if not all, go to the USAF at a later time, in return for more USAF support for the IAF, e.g. pilot training, electronics, aircraft and parts etc. Just as an interesting note, the Luftwaffe, after unification, handed over a couple of MiG's, certainly 29's and maybe modernised 21's from the east german airforce. Why cant they give those aircraft to the RAF sometimes? :( id love to see some MiG 21's, 29's etc sweeping over lake windermere. We do have an airbase north of here that has a lot of captured soviet radar equipment and AA artillery... would be the perfect place for dissimilar training.

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