Re: OT: Planning a Roswell trip...any suggestions from those who have been?

Message posted by Stephanie Schmid on March 05, 2008 at 21:36:28 PST:

The Roswell UFO Museum (on Main Street) is always worth a visit. I pass through there about four times a year on my way to visit family in my home town and always stop if it's open. It used to be free (with optional donation) but now they charge admission. I don't remember it being very much, and the museum is pretty interesting. There are a number of displays detailing the history of the crash and cover-up. My favorite is the section detailing close encounters of various degrees. The Close Encounters of the Third Kind section is the best...there's one about a family shooting beings with a twelve-gague shotgun that always strikes me as being hilarious.

Also worth a visit are the several places surrounding the museum. Alien Zone has a section where you can take pictures with aliens in corny poses (hilarious). Be sure to eat at the Cover-Up Cafe. It's cheesy and very touristy, but also amazingly cheap and has excellent freshly cut french fries and fresh burgers. Staff is friendly, too.

I've never been out to the field even though I was in Roswell for the UFO festival last year and they were offering shuttles out there. There's really not much to see from what I hear and you're really better off just enjoying the kookiness of downtown Roswell. The street lamps look like aliens and there are a whole buch of weird paranormal-type businesses, like Sara's Museum of Alternate Realities.

Word on the street is Roswell is trying to build an alien-abduction theme park. It will be a long time coming, though.

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