History of the IAF at Groom or TTR?

Message posted by SLCDreamland on March 05, 2008 at 13:09:52 PST:

Howdy all,
I have a question for fellow history buffs out there...
I am currently writing my senior thesis at the University on the Israeli Air Force. I am dedicating a good portion to the research to U.S.-Israeli relations and was wondering a couple things...
My main question is were the Israeli's involved in any of the 'Have Doughnut' operation at Groom with the intercepted MiG's? Has the IAF been involved with anything else at Groom or the TTR (or any other base for that matter) that may show evidence of the U.S. letting the IAF into intelligence and development? Is there anything monumental that I should note in this area that by chance I may miss if I dont pay close attention.
I know that this may be a toughy and really specific, but if anyone (especially Peter and those of you that are ex-military) has anything to add, please let me know.


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