Re: YF-117A goes on display

Message posted by Peter Merlin on March 04, 2008 at 15:16:21 PST:

It is on its landing gear, but the wheels are supported by stands to take the weight (about 18,000 pounds) off the tires,

I took quite a few pictures as the aircraft was towed over from Site 7 and set in position at the airpark. The airplane was painted in test markings with the ED tailcode for Edwards AFB. There is a scorpion with a numeral 4 behind the canopy indicating that this was "Scorpion 4," the fourth FSD prototype. A smaller scorpion on the canopy rail behind the pilot's name is overlaid by a dagger with a numeral 1 for the pilot's call sign: DAGGER 01. There is a Marvin The Martian head on the bottom of the plane along the aft centerline. I'm not sure if this represents the Materials Application and Repair Section (MARS) or not.

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