Re: New USAF Bomber?

Message posted by JoeinTX on March 03, 2008 at 22:21:02 PST:

The "2018 Bomber" thing is a little weird.

Manned......but maximum persistence. Subsonic.....but able to respond in short order. Max undetectability but off-the-shelf technology. Global presence......but a 2000nm autonomous range.

The details don't add up. A new "strategic" weapon that is essentially an intermediate ranged platform in the class of the FB-111 or TSR.2 using bookshelf components on the cheap for affordability. Long range and orbital but smaller and carrying a smaller load than any current bomber. SDBs and all considered, I don't get the rationale here.

The USAF needs a true major airframe to replace all of those currently is service. As I see it, there are now two major requirements for future bomber aircraft.........hypersonic, unmanned for quick strike upon perceived threats..........and subsonic manned for tactical, high altitude ops in regional ops.

There is a "2035" bomber planned as well, one being planned upon perceived needs of today, that is expected to be advanced more upon the 2018 concept.

I'm a "bomber" but who sits here in '08 and wonders about the reason behind the "2018 project" and the "2035 project" and says.............what the freakin' Hell?

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