Soviet Stealth

Message posted by John on March 03, 2008 at 11:34:44 PST:

I've been following this website for a couple of years now and don't believe I have seen this topic discussed here before. I found some articles on some other websites, one of which indicated Russia already had a stealth jet but didn't have the money to produce it for themselves and so would probably produce it for sale to other countries. I believe this article also said it was more advanced than the F-22....not sure if this article was real or not. Another article seemed to be more credible and indicated the Russians are approximately 11 years behind the US(ie we develop a fighter jet and then 11 years later the Russians come out with one similar but better because in 11 years the technology has been improved). The concern is that in 11 years the Russians will have a stealth jet that surpasses anything NATO has....any comments?


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