Anyone have a clue?

Message posted by Sam on February 28, 2008 at 3:32:06 PST:

I posted a question awhile back about discolored ground and plants near area 51. I wanted to know what causes this.

A little backround on my question:
Four years ago, while off-roading near Havelock,NC(in Croatan National Forest) I was on a well traveled path I'd taken many times that ends due to a locked gate. Well this time the gate was wide open, so I went through it(stupid on my part i guess). After about 3 miles, I come to this huge steel gate(it was made of 1/2" thick angle iron) and fencing. My good friend, who was with me noticed something about 300 yards away on the right side of the road, so we stood on the hood with binoculars. There was a concrete bunker, next to it there was a humvee, a military truck(one of those big 6 wheel drive things) and about 6 guys in camies. Four of them were carrying a container about 6 feet long, 2.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. Also, on the left, here were these ponds. They almost looked like drying blood because they were so deep red in color. And all the plants surrounding them were a dark reddish purple. Also there were what looked like small lights running lengthwise between the ponds. After about 2.5 minutes, one of them spotted us, and 2 jumped in the humvee. We got out of there as fast as we could. We were 13 miles from a paved road, but we made that trip quick.

I am curious about this because I have been told before that weapons were still being stored in the bunkers left over from WW2. There are many of these bunkers in this area. This area was also used as "temporary storage" for nuclear devices, which is confirmed by the broken arrow(which was never completely recovered due to weather and soil conditions) near golgsboro, NC.

Also, note that fish caught in ponds/lakes in the Croatan NF are not safe to eat due to extremely high acidity of the water. Is this any relation to the secret area I saw?

I hope I don't have too many questions for you guys, and any helpful answers would be great. Thanks


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