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Message posted by psiuh88 on February 26, 2008 at 12:10:42 PST:

I don't have a chart of the area surrounding the nellis range and test site, but given from what I have seen in GE photos, most of the airfields are pretty far in from the border. I suspect that there are many small private and public fields in the small communities and ranches surrounding the range, so there is little excuse for diverting into the test site or somwhere like groom lake or TTR. if someone did, it better be an obvious emergency like a person who had a heart attack on board or engine out, or a really bad bird strike, otherwise you will probably loose you license, and spend a few days in the lincoln county jail, and face some hefty fines. if it was an engine out, you'd have to be pretty high up in unrestricted airspace to glide that far in. and if it were a medical emergency, I think you better still get something cleared through whichever center is responsible for air traffic in southern NV, salt lake or LA. and they would probably route you somewhere else.

if some people want to get in there so bad, why don't you just enlist in the AF and become the best aircraft or engine maintenance tech and enlisted personnel possible (study hard, get good evaluations, excellent military conduct, etc)? maybe then you will have a chance to work out there. or do the same (study and work hard) and try to get a job with with one of the defense contractors, and specialize in a leading edge technology field.
I guess working hard and paying your dues just doesn't cut it with too many people, that it seems like a lot of people are willing to risk death or incarciration to see a bunch or airplane hangars up close. I don't think anyone will get to see much else if they made an unscheduled landing at groom lake.

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