Re: B-2 Crash in Guam

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 23, 2008 at 4:28:40 PST:

This is tragic in many respects; as it is a full third of the aircraft in USAF are under limited fight restrictions or are known to have severe structural defects. Our mainstay F-15 is all but grounded. Now we have a problem with B-2's. Unless it is clearly a pilot error the USAF will be faced with a dilemma it has seen since Vietnam - an aging and maintenance-intensive fleet that will need billions to bolster or wait another ten years to get the next generation fully deployed and combat ready. There might be a push to declass other projects to put them in the spotlight so it will keep the USAF looking strong. Right now we have Eagles and B-2's falling from the skies and USAF looks like a bunch of idiots that can't keep their planes out of smoking holes or splashes in the water. There will be BIG repercussions from this latest boo-boo. I would not be surprised if some high ranking USAF command and staff officers will get involuntarily transferred to the private sector.

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