Tikaboo Recon

Message posted by Gregos on February 22, 2008 at 1:02:54 PST:

Tikaboo Peak
I decided to drive up to Rachel today to recon a little camping in the next few weeks. Along the way I went out to the Tikaboo Peak trail head to see what the weather was like there. The road was in great shape all the way. I figured I would do a partial climb until I hit snow. Unfortunately, the snow started just after Badger Spring. I continued on until just before the end of the passable road. I walked the last 100 feet or so and the snow was about 6 inches deep. There were two 4 wheelers trying to go up, my truck seemed to have less trouble -purpose built!

On the way out I decided to take the 4WD "short cut." It too was in great shape. In fact, there were only a few spots where you actually needed a 4WD truck. However, I didn't think it saved anytime. I would stick to route starting at the Pahranagat Wildlife Area.

Cedar Gate
After Tikaboo, I drove up to the Cedar Gate. That road there too was great. Looks like they filled in all the pot holes going to the ranch. I was doing 60mph to the border. I'm not so sure the KENO VOR that was posted a few months back is actually a VOR. I did see a Fuel or water tank and a shed, but no VOR. I did not pick up a VOR on my scanner either. GE only shows one round object and a building.

Powerlines Overlook
By now it was sunset but I made the quick trip out there on my way home. It was very windy up there rocky. It would take a bit of work to clear out a spot for a tent to make it comfortable. The ride back out in the dark was a bit "on edge!"

Temperature = 40F
Gas = $3.24 in Alamo

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