dreamland books.. bit more help please?

Message posted by Alex (UK) on February 15, 2008 at 17:37:21 PST:

ive just done a search for phil pattons book on area 51, and amazon has given me
- "travels in dreamland - the secret history of area 51" (cover photo of a blurred figure walking in the desert sun, by the looks of it)
- "dreamland - travels inside the secret world of roswell and area 51" (cover alien with a cowboy hat on with UFO in background)
the book covers are different... but ive had this kind of thing before on amazon (bought 2 david rohde books on bosnia to find they were the same inside, just re-covered and re-titled) and i was wondering... are the books the same, but just with altered titles for republishing, or are they 2 entirely different books, and if so, which do you recommend?


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