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Message posted by Gregos on February 15, 2008 at 1:09:25 PST:

I took the tour last February. I was going to post a trip report but mine was almost a copt of the NTS Tour by Stephen a month before. We did not go to CP-1 due to some Europeans on the tour.

My soil sample read zero on my geiger counter. However, I bought a 60s anton 700 on ebay for the trip. It said it WAS calibrated before sale but who can really say. It now rests in my cold war shrine along with a fallout sign, dosimeter and a can of emergency water.

The one thing very funny about the trip was when leaving the NTS, There was a lot of security at the gate -lights, roadblock, the works! They stopped the bus for about 30 minutes. My wife was freaking because she saw my attempt to get a soil sample. It turned out a guy that met us at the gate in Mercury, took his lunch out of his cooler and left it on the ground. Security took it as a suspicious package and shut down the gate. It was only 50' from the guard shack and it only took them 8 hours to confront the bus. I can only hope they opened the cooler and determined it was safe before they let 8 hours go by! BTW, the dude they called off the bus returned beet red for his mistake!!!

As for my sample, maybe I did, maybe I didn't -who can say...

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