Any Ideas

Message posted by Gregos on February 15, 2008 at 0:41:53 PST:

37.159, -115.928

I was just scanning thru the ranges and found this place. The bottle shaped tower caught my eye. But it's between two hills so not a good spot for antennas. But what got me to post was the two 100' x 100' concrete slabs. Then looking closer there is a hill between them and it looks like two doors going into the hill. The thing that confuses me is why do you need 100' x 100' slab outside the door? The door is only about 10' wide and it not around any other construction. A US Semi truck is 102" wide by 48' or 53' long. At first I thought some sort of loading dock. But I would put the door in the middle of the slab and not in the corner? Strange...

It's late and I might be way off in left field too! Good night!


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