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Message posted by gary on July 24, 2001 at 11:25:10 PST:

The military airband is not very crowded, so bandscanning works fine. I have my Sony (which is the PC version fortunately) programmed for the published Area 51 freqs, but many freqs show up that are not published.

The transmissions are often very brief on mil air, so you may miss one when band scanning. Those are the breaks. If you are really hardcore, you can band scan with two scanners, one scanning up and one scanning down. The alternate directions are to make sure the scanners don't get in sync, which will happen if a freqs become active and both scanners capture it. Unfortunately, not all scanner have up/down band scanning modes, i.e. most just scan upwards.

Roger Cravens is pretty famous from the Scan-L list, but I gather he doesn't do any field work, i.e. his lists (excluding Atlanta where he is based) are just compiled from postings.

Getting back to those Sony scanners, Sony tried to get back into the scanner business and failed. They were blown out on the net for around $100 (with PC software included). A great scanner, but the squelch time constant is too short. However, it is very sensitive. Getting the Groom VOR at the gravel parking area on the ET Highway was no problem. The VOR audio that Joerg uploaded was done with the Sony SC1OPC and a Sensory Sciences MP2100 (also defunct and blown out very cheaply). If I had remembered to bring the audio cable, the recording would have been better. That particular recording was done with the MP2100 using it's microphone, but the unit is the only MP3 player with line inputs and outputs. There are 4 on ebay at the moment, with completed sales ranging from $70 to $100. It's a nice toy for recording in the field if you don't on a notebook computer. The only drawback is there is no VOX, but it does hold 4 hours of audio. You can feed the audio into your PC and use the scanner recorder ( to take out the gaps.

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