slightly OT - Dreamland Chronicles HELP!

Message posted by Alex (UK) on February 09, 2008 at 13:20:36 PST:

Anyone else read the David Darlington book called the dreamland chronicles? ive just bought myself a copy, im about halfway through, and im slightly confused. I find myself waning towards beleiving Lazar, and i simply dont want to, then the book talks about Mahood's debunking of Lazar and i go "phew" then something else comes along and my mind changes again, like that guy from Testors that believes Lazar (he kept talking about asking air force generals etc if UFO's are real, and being told things like "they exist" and "weve got things that are literally out of this world"). My mind needs a bit of reassurance that all area 51 is is a testing ground for aircraft and weapons systems our mind can barely comprehend, the capital of the black world, and in no way conected with ET. The best place to come when in need is somewhere familiar and helpful, hence my reason for posting here.


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