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Message posted by Cocheta on January 31, 2008 at 16:34:41 PST:

I can't speak for Coyote, but I haven't been abducted (or at least I can link those hours of lost time to the use of Tequilla, not aliens). My new employer is working my backsides off, but then I'm making about 3 times more than my last employer paid me. Who am I to complain?

I think you'll like the book, Zipper. Coyote officially labeled it as a Techno-thriller and that is far more accurate a genre than I could have ever come up with. I've included a nice bit of WWII historical fiction, tied several loosely-related historical incidents into a cohesive and believable scenario, thrown in some light lectures on physics, anthropology and evolution, added a dash of romance, a Paula Dean helping of action and an ending straight out of left field.

The Hanson Legacy is the first book in a trilogy and as much fun as I had writing it, the unfinished second book of the trilogy has already been even more fun to write, with action that folks here will find just to their liking!

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