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Message posted by Cocheta on January 31, 2008 at 13:21:16 PST:

Hello all! Hope the New Year has been kind to the fine contributors and readers of! I was formally known here as "The Major" but dropped from sight for awhile when my family and I moved to the mainland from Hawaii. It has been a trying, exhausting transition to civilian life, but great to finally live in a place where you can drive for more than 20 minutes without running into an ocean!

As some of you will remember, I came to Dreamland Resort looking for a source of accurate information on various topics concerning Black Projects in general, and AFFTC-D3 in particular. I was in the process of writing a novel and I wanted the best, most up-to-date facts possible. I couldn't have come to a better place! I feel that the information I received here made the Area 51 segments come alive, even more so in the 2nd book of the trilogy. I assure you, Area 51 has been portrayed precisely for what it is: A highly secretive base, part of the expansive, Southern Nevada/Eastern California military and intelligence infrastructure involved in the classified development and testing of advanced (and quite terrestrial) military technology. The good news is that the book is now complete and will be sent to the printer within a few days!

As part of the promotion "campaign" for the book, I would like to do a book signing in Rachel, then the following day at the Nellis AFB BX. I have spoken to Joerg about this and he suggested a date that coincides with the Summer Red Flag. Now, I realize that Rachel doesn't have a bookstore... and it is not likely that the ET Highway will be funneling in tens of thousands of potential book buyers that day... I was thinking it is mostly an excuse to meet and thank all of you and make a serious dent in the Nations' beer supply. And if by chance I happen to sell some books there? The proceeds would go to I have also talked to Joerg about the possibility of selling the book in the onLine Area 51 Store. Again, with a substantial chunk of the profits to benefit DLR.

Here is the back cover "hook" that describes the book:


"Cocheta" is a Native American word meaning "that you cannot imagine." To those who worked there, it was an appropriate name for America's "blackest" research facility. Hidden inside a mountain in a remote and inhospitable region of the frigid Canadian Rockies, the massive complex was a high-tech laboratory for a handful of the most brilliant minds on earth. Together, they struggled to understand and duplicate recovered extraterrestrial technology before America's enemies did... or an unspeakable horror arrived from beyond the solar system.

Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Benjamin Hanson, groomed from childhood to lead the elite team of geniuses, was the project's greatest resource... and a dying man. His ultimate goal was to unite the world in developing a defense against what he believed to be the coming invasion. To make it happen, he needed a clever plan, one that would topple a well-established culture of secrecy, allow him to evade those who watched his every move and neutralize a murderous bureaucrat before the cruel tentacles of incurable cancer robbed him of his life.

Hanson's elaborate scheme to enlighten the world begins in glamorous Las Vegas and spans the continent, from the Physics Department at UCLA to the seat of America's government. With enormous resources committed to keeping secret the nightmares concealed inside Cocheta Mountain, will his cunning stratagem tear away a decades-old cover-up and shake the planet to its' core, or will he take his frightening revelations to the grave?


OK, now for a little tribute to the people who make DLR possible. This is the Acknowledgment page of the book:



“Acknowledgment” sections in novels are not customary, but so many fine people have contributed their time, ears, encouragement and expertise, failing to have one in The Hanson Legacy would be nothing short of a crime. Without these wonderful gifts, this literary work would have suffered immensely and quite probably, never attempted or completed.

Of course, there is my family. My wife, Stacia, read each chapter as they were completed, giving me much needed support and plenty of quiet time when the creative juices were flowing. The Marines in my family: father, Jack; brother, Tony; son, Lowell and daughter, Jessica, gave me valuable insight into Corps. My Aunt and Uncle, Jo and Benny Lewis, provided wonderful details of life in Northeast Oklahoma in the 1950s and 1960s. There are a few characters in The Hanson Legacy that were inspired by people whom I have known or admired, from near and afar, both past and present. I credit them with more than just providing inspiration, they have helped make my fifty years on this Earth rich and rewarding.

Colleagues also took time out of their busy lives to read The Hanson Legacy and provide valuable feedback. Doris +++++, RN read the rough draft as it was being written, as did Nathaniel +++++, PhD, a man known to be a particularly tough critic. Both offered honest opinions, encouragement and helped me gauge how well the project was progressing.

Countless hours were spent researching subjects and checking facts. Oftentimes, it would take days just to make a single paragraph as descriptive and accurate as possible. Much of the subject matter involved ultra-secret “Black Projects,” defense-related research programs (e.g. Stealth Technology) cunningly hidden from public view. With hard facts in extremely short supply, speculation about these projects is oftentimes nonsensical. There is, however, a cadre of dedicated souls, some experts in exotic defense technology, that scour through journals, request Freedom of Information Act documents and hike up rugged trails to high desert mountaintops, laden with provisions and gear, for the rare chance conditions will be just right to snap a picture of a secret base over 25 miles away. They share their findings on a most informative internet site. I speak of Joerg H. Arnu, webmaster of Dreamland Resort ( and all the fine contributors who make it the definitive web resource on Black Projects, in general, and “Area 51” in particular. I cannot possibly name all the many standouts at Dreamland Resort who directly or indirectly assisted me with my questions. There is one, however, that deserves a very special hat tip: Andrew ++++++, Deputy Editor of +++++ Aviation Magazine, who read and evaluated the rough draft. Chapters 50 through 52 are a direct result of his critique.

To everyone mentioned and as much to those who were not, your influence is evident on every page and I sincerely thank you with all my being!

February 2008


Feel free to suggest ideas, locations, favorite beer, media personalities that might be interested in attending...


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