A better Cedar Gate photo

Message posted by Hank on January 31, 2008 at 6:25:30 PST:

For the people that emailed me for an explanation of possible confusion at the Cedar Gate border here is a photo showing the road to the gate. You will notice their are signs before you get to the gate. These signs mark the border. If you drive past them you have crossed the border. http://image50.webshots.com/650/4/1/58/2917401580060803850EjOgJJ_ph.jpg

Their is a pull out before the signs. If you look to your right you can see the russian radar. A little farther on is the Sam Site and the Keno Airfield. Their is drive in access to these sites from the old ranch and stock tanks.
These photos and lots of other info are to be found on the site by clicking on the search link and entering your area of interest. This is an invaluable resource as it contains the most accurate information available on the internet. Give it a try.


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