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I was with Chad when this happened. (I am William) The Sheriff was wearing quite a large coat. I think that the resolution or angle of the pictures may distort that. That sheriff is a very intimidating guy I may add. I am 6'3'' and 245 in good shape and there is no way that I would ever consider going toe to toe with that guy. He was easily as tall as I am and as wide as a door. It was a great exerpeience. I believe that Chad is converting the video tape that I recorded of all of this incident and everyone can see the non-uniformed men involved as well as what we believe to be the C.O. of at least the secruity. He reminded me of Cotton from 'King of the Hill.'
It was a disappointing trip in regards to seeing aircraft but to capture this incident on tape as well as to get chased off the cedar gate road amounted to a good couple of stories.
Thanks to Hank for his suggestions where to watch for aircraft. :) Also, to those going out there, both Chad and I strongly suggest to check out and go in the hot springs in Ash Springs. Sitting in the natural springs and having a bunch of guppy sized fish eating the microbes on your feet is a complete riot! It doesnt hurt at all and makes you laugh pretty dang hard.

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