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Message posted by Sedalia on July 23, 2001 at 22:14:27 PST:

Hi Cloak - welcome to DLR.

I suspect most of us have thought about sneaking over the border to climb up Freedom Ridge or Whitesides. While doing a half-ass recon of Cammo Hill with CatMan and Gary back in April a couple in a Sebing convertable drove up to the border and did the tourist thing. We were maybe 2-300 yards from them skirting the hill looking for orange posts and I thought of diversionary tactics (during this time there was only the one F-150 on the right hill - of course Cammo Hill has at least one "Robby the Robot" spying on you). One might have a degree of success if a number of innocent diversions were to occur. How you evade the electronic survellance and the helicopter I don't know.
I'm sure also the Cammo Dudes have a good security background and the advantage of knowing the terrain intimately but who knows? Is there a chance they are really glorified rent-a-cops? I doubt it. Whatever the case, the Medlin's cows have all the advantages when it comes to spying on our favorite secret air base.

Sedalia (convinced that a robotic cow with video camera lenses for eyes is the way to go ... anybody know the design of the Medlin brand?)

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