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Message posted by Hank on January 16, 2008 at 17:27:50 PST:

During the time when Whitesides and Freedom Ridge were accessible for viewing the security did not seem as tight as it is today, of course after 9/11 security became a different story. As I said before the stories about cameras being siezed and film being exposed might be fiction. Glen Campbell wrote something about that in his old Desert Rat newsletter, but it may have been to make a story more interesting.Iam still not sure why the did the land grab. I spent much time on Whitesides and Freedom Ridge. The distance to see into the base was about 13 miles, 1/2 of what it is today from Tikaboo. In all the times I was there at that time you still couldn't see anymore than you can see now. No aircraft other than the Janets and an occasional fighter and a chopper were ever out in the open. I was in Rachel a couple years ago and ran into Norio and asked him if he had any photos from that time. He said he didnt recall taking any as their really wasnt anything to see other than the buildings. I dont think I have any for the same reason. Today the photos reflect alot of new construction but really dont reveal much more than what we saw back then.
Their isnt much to photograph from the border other than some security systems. The video cameras, some strange antenna setups, the silver balls etc. Their are some shots to be taken of the top of Bald Mountain which looks like a Radio Shack gone nuts. If you know your way around Hawkeye Hill their is a shot of the guard shack and the new antenna setup. If you go up Hawkeye please be very careful as it is easy to be on the wrong side of the border up there. I suggest that you keep two orange posts in sight in front of you at all times.
Hope this helps

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