Red Flag & Coyote Summit GPS Coordinates

Message posted by Frank on January 16, 2008 at 14:29:04 PST:


I'll be in Las Vegas for Red Flag 08-2.2 and I plan on going to Coyote Summit for at least one day to catch some of the low flying.

My question to you guys is can anyone please tell me where exactly do I go to catch the action? I've downloaded the Google Earth plugin from the site but the Coyote Summit coordinates are on the road and I can't figure from reading through the board and web site which hill I've got to go up to catch the action as there are hills on both side of the road, can someone please pass on the coordinates?

I apologise if this information is posted elsewhere on the board, I've spent a while looking and I just can't seem to find the info.

Thanks in advance,



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