Re: Nellis/Area 51 Pictures

Message posted by Hank on January 10, 2008 at 16:37:32 PST:

As far as I know the no photography warnings at the border gates are not enforced. Their are stories out there that cameras have been confiscated, film exposed to the light yada yada yada. I have never known anyone who had any problems. I have taken at least 500 photos all over the area. In front of the cammo dudes. Photos of the cammo dudes and in front of security cameras. I have never had any contact with anyone because of that.
As far a Nellis is concerned I have never seen a warning sign about picture taking. I have over 1500 photos of take offs and landings as well as lots of aircraft on the ground. As long as you dont cross the borders at Area 51 your good.
Hope this helps

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