Re: Nellis/Area 51 Pictures

Message posted by J356 on January 10, 2008 at 16:26:53 PST:

Ya that's it. But really the only thing you can take a picture of are the buildings, maybe some cammo trucks(usually blurred out to protect identity). Samething from Tikaboo all you get are buildings maybe some cars or Janets. Same with sat images, plus sat images are hard to control with all of the sats, I think they use to be able to pull anything inside when one passed over, but now there's just too many. All seeing the buildings does is allow us to go " Oh my gosh there a building" then we spend lots of time tying to figure out what it could be for...

If your LUCKY you catch a glimpse of a test plane or something, but it
would be at night making it difficult to get a picture all you would
probably get is to see it that's all. If there's anything just ask.


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