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Message posted by polemodel on January 10, 2008 at 14:52:43 PST:

The structure that appears in the image at the bottom of the Mount Irish page looks to me like a "passive microwave reflector." (Telecomm people used to call 'em 'billboards.') These were used during the days of long-haul point-to-point microwave networks as an inexpensive way to move the microwave path over or around geographic obstacles. If all of the 'radar reflectors' we're discussing in this thread are the same thing, then my interpretation is that they're part of a microwave network for voice &/or data traffic linking all the various sites around Groom Lake. As long as the range is short enough, and it would be in this case, one could use a billboard reflector to direct a signal up & over a mountain, for eaxmple, and save the cost of installing a microwave repeater.

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