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Message posted by polemodel on January 10, 2008 at 12:57:38 PST:

I'm sure they are aware of what can & can't be done on a public website. In fact, all they've done is put up a public-domain pic of a dynamic RCS range on a page that says "Hey, we've done some work on dynamic RCS ranges!". People can draw inferences from that or not, but a) they haven't divulged anything that wasn't already on the web, b) they mention no location by name and make no specific claims about having done or not done anything anywhere, and c) if we haven't read any reports about people going to jail or losing clearances, then the security & mil people must be cool with it.

As I see it, the real issue is the use without credit of Lazy G's photo. This is getting close to the dead horse stage, but I am sure they would have properly credited the photo if it weren't for the trouble they _would_ be in for if they violated b) above.

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