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Message posted by JB737 on January 03, 2008 at 3:16:06 PST:

No, this is the first time for for posting each of these pictures which I personally took.

Certainly people have taken pics of JANET planes at the terminal before, from the same floor of the Tropicana, same general room location, etc. I did post one last year of the same plane as the tail-number shot here, taken the same day a bit earlier, showing the flight attendant through its doorway. So the front of the plane that I show the tail of here, was previously posted.

LoneWolf had probably posted some of his shots looking inside the terminal windows, or you saw them on his website. Again, taken from the Tropicana, hence the similarity.

I don't think anyone else has posted photos of the Canadair taken from the Tropicana, mainly because it appears not to be linked to JANET. But as I mentioned in chat with Hank tonight, I can tell you the current owner is a Nevada LLC with "Water" appearing within their name, so a Watertown (aka Area 51) connection cannot be ruled out, and it definitely is not owned by Signature as many assume, according to FAA ownership records I rechecked again tonight. Personally, I think it is too clean and shiny to be related to JANET.

As for the hiking photos, I have never heard of anyone else even trying to hike anywhere near where they were taken. I have never seen any photos taken from anywhere closer to them, than from Tikaboo Peak, which is something like 1.8 miles away by air, and shown in the landscape of one of the photos.

From Tikaboo in June, I used some very long focal length lenses to photograph the cliff area where I had hiked in April. At some point I'll annotate and post a photo/diagram, using my GPS track and Google Earth to help mark my April hike route onto photos taken from Tikaboo.


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