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First, two more pics, accessible from a single link, and hopefully many more to follow at the same URL in the days/weeks to come.

They are on a dedicated section of Josh's website which he so kindly provided me. Be sure to click on the thumbnail, then click again on the midsized photo which will then appear, if you want it at full resolution.
1. A collage of two shots of the newspaper vending machines at the entrance to the JANET terminal building, taken from my room at Mandalay Bay.
2. A marginal, grainy, and aggressively saturation-enhanced shot of the GLR guard shack and new little tower near it, taken June 30th from Tikaboo Peak. It's a lousy shot, but I wasn't specifically trying to take photos of them at the time, just quickly snapshooting an extended panorama and road details, with a 750mm lens without any extenders.

In reply to various posts, especially Joerg's:

"Not posting my photos on the Internet" which you advise as the best method of keeping them from being stolen, is pretty much exactly what I've done up until now. So we are 100% in agreement on that: prior to this week, I had posted only 3 photos here.

I chose to post more now, both because I had long ago promised them, and because DLR members were asking for them. Plus, by so often posting words without pictures, I was losing some credibility about having actually gone where I have claimed to, done what I have claimed to, and taken the photos which I have claimed to. It is a visual and skeptical bunch on DLR, so failing to post any pics really isn't an option for anyone who wants to describe their adventures and retain credibility over the long term.

And even if credibility were not an issue, I felt like contributing. That doesn't mean I always will feel compelled to put my copyright notice in the corner, regardless of what other people do. Sometimes I will, sometimes I won't. Call me fickle.

It's not that I want to make them so ugly that nobody wants to look at them. If people want the info in the pics, they will look at them. If they don't, that's fine with me. Little or no information content was lost by the notices, the sole exceptions I noticed being:
1. Some 737 windows very slightly harder to see in, unintentionally...but if anyone's face was in them, I'd have had to blank them out anyway.
2. Some terrain between Tikaboo and the north peak is hard to see, intentionally.
3. My pic of the north peak itself is low-res, intentionally.

So we're talking cosmetics and artistry, plus me withholding a little info for myself until I get my butt to the top of the north peak. Then I'll have to decide whether or not to help it become another tourist route like Tikaboo, or to preserve it for only the wildlife and the lunatic fringe like myself.

If people want pics to enjoy as art, they should go take them themselves, buy them from a pro, or make me an offer (the Canadair owner certainly could afford to have the notice removed by me). Like yourself, I just happen to have some images that took some effort and expense to get, and I choose my own methods of protecting them. I'm here for "fun and adventure", recreation and research as a hobby, not to give away pretty photos suitable for framing.

You choose to disable right-click copying of widely-known text information such as the GPS coordinates of various points on 375. I choose to put copyright notices on rocks near the center of my hiking pictures rather than on rocks in the corner. So what?

I would never tell you to stop publishing GPS coordinates unless they are right-clickable. I don't feel that my content or yours is so useless or common that many users will reject it based on matters of taste, artistry, or even convenience. I posted pictures of locations that probably have never been photographed and published before, if anyone has even been there at all. If anyone doesn't like the pics or how I presented them, it's only 5 or 6 miles each way over nasty terrain from Hancock Summit to take their own at around N37 22.200 W115 21.544, and rooms are still available at the Tropicana overlooking JANET, too.


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