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Message posted by hostage on January 02, 2008 at 19:19:16 PST:

"The copyright notice and/or other censoring of my Papoose Lake photos will be more severe than any of these, if/when I post them to the public. For now, I'll assume that nobody here wants to see them because of that, despite them being the best non-satellite photos of Papoose that exist to my knowledge, by a fairly wide margin."

"For now, I'll also skip posting my dirt-pile, Caterpillar-movement, and and other (some more interesting) base photos photos from Tikaboo in June. Probably I'll just post one of the new tower near the guard shack, as viewed from Tikaboo, as it is nothing to write home about except as an early photo of it, and showing where it appears in the scene from Tikaboo. Maybe I'll collage it with other things from that trip, into one image."

It almost sounds like your trying to hold us hostage with your pictures. Post what you want, don't post what you don't want. I hope no one kisses your butt for your "super" pics. I won't.

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