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I did try to do so, but I found that beggars can't be choosers when using free, anonymous, no-signup photo posting services. The one I chose, mainly for reasons of not having a crazy license agreement like most sites, simply doesn't support is one page per photo for everone but the person who posted it. I only get to see thumbs of them all at once myself, due to taking a cookie. The next time I delete cookies, I'm probably in the same boat as the rest of you.

Services I found which allow more organized album structures, either claim some usage rights to the photos, or allow viewers to order prints of them, or require membership, purchases, their own logo/ads superimposed, or display of my username, email address, IP, or whatever. No way am I going to let the general public buy prints of them for $0.09 each by sharing them on Snapfish, for example.


If anyone knows of a good free album-posting service suitable for posting photos like these without giving up rights like that, please let me know. I'm not about to pay for a service, when I'll eventually put them on one of my own sites anyway.

As for those who complain about copyright notices ruining the photos, that is too bad. If I wanted to post photos which you could crop the corner off of, and then print out, or use as Windows wallpaper or whatever, I would have done so. I just chose not to do that, having spent thousands of dollars to get the photos, some of which are unique and potentially marketable. Sure, my notices didn't turn out perfectly, or exactly as I intended...but I thought I already apologized in advance for that!

When I post them on my own websites, I will start over and make the notices more tactful, because I will have more ability to prove they are actually mine, and some ability to trace the IP addresses of whoever downloads them, etc.

The copyright notice and/or other censoring of my Papoose Lake photos will be more severe than any of these, if/when I post them to the public. For now, I'll assume that nobody here wants to see them because of that, despite them being the best non-satellite photos of Papoose that exist to my knowledge, by a fairly wide margin.

For now, I'll also skip posting my dirt-pile, Caterpillar-movement, and and other (some more interesting) base photos photos from Tikaboo in June. Probably I'll just post one of the new tower near the guard shack, as viewed from Tikaboo, as it is nothing to write home about except as an early photo of it, and showing where it appears in the scene from Tikaboo. Maybe I'll collage it with other things from that trip, into one image.

I'll post one hi-res photo of my rental car at its December 21 endpoint, with a tiny copyright notice in the snow. Maybe collaged to show road conditions elsewhere along the road (seismic station, etc). Hopefully a link to a YouTube video of the wild drive up in the snow after I figure out YouTube posting agreement details. I can always put a little uncensored lo-res slide show into YouTube, as video quality is so low that nobody would steal a still capture off of it.


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