Re: Flat Tire COnspiracy

Message posted by John K on July 22, 2001 at 22:22:07 PST:

That's good advice that Gary is giving. I've found that the BFG AT is one of the best all around off road tires out there. Unfortunately you generally won't find them offered as stock tires from the manufacturers so it's unlikely you'll get them on a rental. I was recently shopping for a new 4WD full size truck and found that one brand of truck had P265 tires rather than LT265 on their "off road" package. Like Gary had mentioned P is for passenger which is the tire rating for most cars. If I remember correctly the BFG offers an 8 ply construction while most competitors are 4 or 6 ply. I drive off road quite often on our ranch (lots of cactus) in Texas and have never had a flat with the BFG's. I did have a few flats while I still had the stock firestones that came on the truck. Have fun on your trip. I'm hoping to make it up there sooner or later.


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