Some hunting is legal 24/7 (365) in Nevada

Message posted by JB737 on December 28, 2007 at 23:02:56 PST:

When I ran across the two vehicles full of folks trying to spot wildlife at night in the snow, I didn't know if they were poaching, jacking deer, just checking out conditions, or legally hunting at night. Note that I saw no signs of any firearms or other weapons, and everyone was in the vehicles, not out standing in a pickup bed holding onto a roll bar with guns at the ready as poachers/jackers tend to do.

So I did a bit of online checking, and although I am still far from knowing all the Nevada hunting laws, regulations, and seasons for all the different animals, I did find something of GREAT interest.

Namely, there is legal hunting for mountain lions 24 hours per day, year round!! Until the desired number are killed in a given area or group of areas, it seems that there is not a minute when hunting is disallowed for anyone with the right permit and tag.

The area which includes Tikaboo, the main gate, and Rachel, is in one of the groups of areas in NV with the highest quota, namely 68 mountain lions can be taken this year in just that one group of areas.

Something to think about, both in terms of the wildlife you can run across, and the continual need to help hunters keep from accidentally shooting you.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it also said there are 6 types of rattlesnakes out there. Maybe I'll put on the Kevlar pants whether or not I'm bushwacking through thorny stuff. :-)



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