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would there have been any reason for VERY large orders of beta titanium alloy 13-11-3/B120 (same used on skin and structure) of the SR-71, to be placed in the mid-late 1980's, just before the SR-71 was retired?
why would it also be ordered by a company that at least today does not exist anywhere, instead of Lockheed, according to local legend? AF reps were involved in initial meetings.
doesn't seem to make sense to buy tons of a special titanium alloy that had last been made in any great quantity fifteen years prior - especially one that was difficult to make right the first time. of course a lot of what the government/congress decides to spend money on doesn't always make sense. however the order was placed and filled about 2-3 years prior to the retirement of the SR-71, alledgedly to reskin (100%) the fleet of blackbirds. it hasn't been made since, but then there are new some beta Ti alloys that have pretty similar thermomechanical properties as the 13-11-3 alloy.
somethign was probably built - obviously they can build a small lot - like 1-3 vehicles for testing and even limited operations (B.O.P, "whale", F-113G - whatever that was), and we the public woudln't know about it. why should some supposed program officer tell an outsider no matter who he/reporter is? does the pentagon official want to spend the rest of his AF career in Thule Greenland? or if he/she is a civilian, I don't think they would want to give up all the high level GS perks/salary they no doubt get to tell some reporter, so the russians and chicoms can find out all about it (if they already haven't bought the info ).
would this machine have been the reason for abandoning the Vandenburg shuttle launch complex after spending billions of $ on it never to use it for the intended purpose - polar orbit of shuttle flights for military missions? concurrently at this time the "aurora" spottings/sounds/rumors started. if its operational, even if still in VERY limted numbers adn use, why would it have to be based at Groom - if it exists it's probably moved off to some remote base where its operations would receive less scrutiny. maybe it is possible to launch from some carrier aircraft that doesn't make so much noise on takeoff?

I think something was done,maybe not all it was supposed to be regarding performance, but does or did exist.

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