Second coming of the "Aurora"?

Message posted by truthseekerx on December 17, 2007 at 14:21:38 PST:

We have a friend who lives a county away from us here in Savannah, GA. He was woke up by his dogs around 430AM. This was about 2 weeks ago from today (12/17/07). There was a slight light to the sky (slight moonlit) and he witnessed the fastest moving aircraft he has seen before. This individual has been and works around aviation for some time. He is familiar with the mystery that is Aurora. Associated with the fastmover, the contrail it left was indicative of PDWE (or similiar) technology; Donuts On a Rope. Moments later, he heard a "sound like distant, muffled cannonfire..." This can be attributed to the fastmover as well I would suppose, given the fact there was no (zero) ambient noise. It only makes sense when you consider the characteristics of the observed aircraft.

As soon as I heard this story, I checked here. The new large hangar being constructed was the first thing to catch my attention, which then turned to the "SR-72" mentioned alongside the new hangar.

There's one thing that makes me raise an eyebrow higher than usual. DARPA and the USAF have been involved with FALCON now for a couple years (give or take?, correct me if im wrong)...however, knowledge of that project, its characteristics and performance, and project names and descriptions are readily available at information sources (eg., even wikipedia...) One case worth mentioning is the project "Blackswift" (that sounds alluring...) associated with FALCON. (Reference's entry on that...)

So, we remember how the SR-71 and A-12 were both White and Black, right? Ying to balance Yang? Could this be the case with our new supposed SR-72 and the FALCON project? The 2008 year is upon us, and before long, so will be an election...

This long and colorful history of the oh-so-elusive "Aurora" stretches back nearly 20 years. Is it time for this supposed acheivement to FINALLY go public? I think it's jsut the beginning, and more will come...



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