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Message posted by JB737 on December 14, 2007 at 21:10:57 PST:

To me, it makes sense to check vehicles in both directions. At the very least, it gives them double the chance to catch any attempt to get a camera/whatever in and out, or detect a bug attached to the bus unbeknownst to anyone actually on the bus, etc.

And checking it on the way out is the only way to find something being brought out on the bus, that didn't go in on the bus. AKA items stolen from the base, or people bringing home copies of documents, etc.

I assume they mainly rely upon other methods than searches, such as routine or random polygraphs, fear of losing clearances, fear of not actually getting to ride home on the bus if caught... but it makes complete sense to keep some searches in the mix so that nobody starts getting crazy ideas that they could get something out.


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